• Biofuel Expo 2024 | 05-07 June 2024 | Indian Expo Center Greater Noida, UP. NCR India
Biofuel Expo 2025


Biofuel Expo 2025 - International Exhibition and Conference focus on Bio Fuel (Bio diesel, Ethanol, Bio Gas, Hydrogen) Manufacturers, Bio Fuel Plant 's Equipment's & Machine Manufacturers, Bio fuel Refineries. & Allied Industries is a platform for the major stakeholders of the Bio Fuel producers industry and their buyers to find out the new business opportunities. The expo will provide the latest key trends in national and international Biofuel industry.

Biofuel Expo 2025 will be organized with the main aim to promoting the growth and development of the Industry in India the event will offer so many opportunities for networking and business for the participants from the Biofuel industry. The exhibition and conference will get participation from across the Country and also international Exhibitors from China, USA, Indonesia UK, Spain, Turkey, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany and Many more are expected to participation in the exhibition .

200 +
Exhibitors worldwide
5 +
Countries Participation
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Business & knowledge Activities
10000 +
Business Visitors


Biofuel is a green, clean fuel produced via the transesterification of edible and non-edible oils. It is renewable, cost-effective, carbon-neutral, and non-toxic compared to conventional sources of fuels. The various types of biofuels include Wood, Biogas, Biodiesel, Ethanol, Methanol, and Butanol. It is apparent that biofuels are an essential component of our future energy supply and in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. More innovation is key to unlocking the true potential of biofuels, particularly for transport, to scale up and improve cost-effectiveness.

The production volume of biodiesel fuel in India was forecasted to stand at 205 million litres in 2023. Biodiesel can be produced from vegetable oil, animal fats, and waste oils. Maize, sugarcane, and sugar beets are the main traditional substrates used for biofuel production. In an Indian perspective, it is imperative to search for non-food feedstocks for the long-term sustainability and economic viability of the Indian bioethanol market. The government has decided to step up domestic manufacture of biofuels by 10 percent every year and has advanced the target of blending 20 percent ethanol in petrol to 2025, from 2030 .